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Postado em: 12/02/2016
Nome: Kan
Telefone: 9876543210
Assunto: Contato
Mensagem: Hello There,

You probably know about how your loading speed directly affects a lot of other metrics, such as conversion rates, bounce rates and user satisfaction rates. Just by shaving off a good fraction of your loading times, you would see your SERPs being higher, traffic being higher and sales being higher.

Unfortunately, as I did a quick rundown of your Site, I noticed that your WebSite can be optimized very easily for much faster loading speeds. My name is Kan, and I am from and I have over 10 years of experience in Website Management.

From my quick rundown, I have deduced that you are using WordPress, which is an excellent CMS. And you are in luck, because I have some great tricks for WordPress-based Sites, enabling them to load much more faster.

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